Chapter 18 God-level Store Manager


"A bit interesting."

Seeing this scene, Luo Chuan's eyes revealed a trace of interest.

He could sense that the jade pendant wasn't trying to escape with the young man but to bring him to a safe place.

At the same time, a wave of divine will locked onto Luo Chuan.

"Who dares to injure my son!"

A furious cry rang out. Within the jade pendant on the young man's waist, a silver light shot into the sky, transforming into a figure that was 27000 metre in size!

Sky colour changed!

The dense pressure instantly enveloped the entire Nine Lights City. Countless ordinary people and cultivators looked at the figures in the sky, their expressions greatly changing.

"This terrifying aura, could it be that a certain senior had descended into Nine Lights City?"

"I am at the Divine Soul Realm, I am actually unable to raise the slightest bit of resistance under this aura!"

"Wait a minute!"

"Everyone, there is no need to worry. The Nine Lights City is the imperial capital, but it has a city protection formation. Even Dao Seeking experts could not destroy it ……"

At the same time.


Nine Lights City, Imperial Palace.

A sharp-eyed, man with an Emperor's aura lingering around his entire body suddenly opened his eyes.

This person was the emperor of the Heavenly Star Empire, the Heavenly Star Emperor, Ji Wuhui!

His cultivation was already at the 9th Realm of Dao Seeking!

Ji Wuhui looked at the shadow in the sky from afar. A serious expression could not help but appear on his face.

"Chu Yangping? Why did that fellow's soul projection arrive here?"

"Return to His Majesty. Earlier, the city guards had come to report that the Young Lord of Silvermoon Manor, Chu Yunfei, had arrived in the city."

Behind Ji Wuhui, a white-robed, grey-haired old man replied.

The old man looked ordinary, no different from an ordinary person.

However, if one looked carefully, his eyes were like a black hole that could directly devour one's mind!

"Chu Yunfei? Haha, from the looks of it, Chu Yangping is also concerned about the Nine Lights Mountain Range." 

A faint smile appeared on Ji Wuhui's face.

"Forget about it. I think it must be Chu Yunfei who provoked some powerful person from the Nine Lights Mountain Range. If he were to be killed like this, I would not be able to do it."

"Elder Bai, I'll trouble you to handle the situation."

Elder Bai nodded and disappeared from the spot!

"One by one, all of them are thinking of taking a slice of the cake. But before that, you all have to consider your own strength as well ……"

In the Imperial City, Ji Wuhui's faint voice rang out......


"Is this the projection of the soul? That's right."

Luo Chuan could not help but sigh as he looked at the 27000-metre figure above him.

One had to know that Luo Chuan was currently closest to the projection of his soul. The pressure that he was under was simply unimaginable to ordinary people.

But Luo Chuan's face was calm, without the slightest bit of pressure.

He had no choice but to mention the system buff.

Luo Chuan believed that as long as it was within 10 kilometres of the shop, even the legendary Saint would not be able to receive his punch.

Invincible, sometimes it was just so deserted...

"Father, not only did he kill Uncle Fu, but he also wanted to kill me!"

Not far away, Chu Yunfei pointed at Luo Chuan and shouted. He didn't mention that he was the one who caused the trouble.

Under Chu Yang's flat and large projection, Luo Chuan in the shop was like an ant.


An indifferent voice rang out, announcing Luo Chuan's fate.

The sky suddenly darkened, and a bright moon appeared.

The moon echoed with the distant sun, and a devastating aura swept out!

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